Assumption University has set up the Office of Vice President for Policy, Planning and Quality Assurance (OPPQA) on January 1, 2016, according to order no. 408/2015. Director of the Office manages and takes charge of the operation of lecturers and personnel of the Office under the supervision of the Vice President for Policy, Planning and Quality Assurance. The Office comprises two units. First, the Office of Policy and Planning (OPPQA) which is in charge of formulation, execution/implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the University’s strategic plan, action plans, and risk management plan. Second, Center for Excellence (CFE) is responsible for the Quality Assurance of the University, Schools, and programs.


To be the support unit that can effectively respond to the needs of the University in the areas of planning and quality assurance.


Provide services to all University’s units in the area related to planning and quality assurance.

Core Values
     “CAN DO”
  • Never turn down a legitimate assignments/requests.
  • Always maintain positive attitude.
  • Willing to assist and provide coordination among academic units and support units.
  • Promote the QA standard of the programs and schools to be that of international level.
  • Establish flow of information and communication across various units of the university.
  • Establish effective University’s Strategic Plan based on directions from top administrators.
  • Oversee/monitor effective Strategic Plan implementation.

I. Provide knowledge and information on quality assurance and monitor QA system implementation
Action Plan
1.1 SAR Writing workshop                                         May
1.2 Strategic Plan revisit workshop                         March
1.3 School and Supporting unit QA site visit        January – February
1.4 Risk management Workshop                             February
1.5 QA Workshop                                                         May – June

II. Encourage 
public relation of international events and recognition of AU students/alumni/personnel
Action Plan
2.1 Initiate initial meeting between Schools/Supporting units and AU PR office to establish communication channel and information flow chart.

 . Establish mechanisms to deploy the University’s strategic plan to all units and also establish effective implementation feedback
Action Plan
3.1 Arrange meeting to announce and explain University’s Strategic Plan to all units and set a system for implementation feedback.



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